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Saturday Slop: Countdown to the Draft

A look at the top Redskins stories from around the web.

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Eyeing the Redskins Draft: Quarterbacks | ESPN Redskins Blog

Why they might take one: Because they don't seem to be sold on any of the three they have. Or, at least, there's no unanimity on any of them. So find one you can all agree upon. Yes, that would mean getting rid of Robert Griffin III via trade (one possible reason the option has not yet been picked up). I don't think they'll take one in the first round because I anticipate both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota being gone.

Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: I don't know what Scot McCloughan thinks of Murphy, but I do know they're looking for more help from edge rushers. That should answer the question. If they liked Murphy a lot, they would add someone at this spot after the first round. I think they like him enough. As far as who would start opposite Kerrigan, it depends on which edge rusher they grab (assuming they stay at five). If they take Dante Fowler, I'd expect him to start.

Report: Top WR visited with the Redskins | CSN Washington

Eagles chase for Mariota still not over | CSN Washington

Well, now it seems that may have all been a front, as some thought all along. is reporting the possibility of a three-way trade that would send Bradford to Cleveland, allowing the Eagles to collect more picks that would be shipped to Tennessee in exchange for the second overall pick. At No. 2, the Eagles could take Mariota, reuniting the Oregon coach and QB.

Who were McCloughan's  best late round picks | CSN Washington

You had probably had heard of Goldson even before he came to the Redskins; he was the first-team All-Pro safety in 2012. Haralson, drafted in the fifth round in 2006, was still in the league last season, starting 12 games and picking up three sacks for the Saints. The 49ers got seven seasons, 68 starts, and 21.5 sacks from him. Golston is still on the Redskins' roster, although he may be on the bubble after all of the free agent acquisitions on the defensive line.

25 Redskins questions: What will the record be? | CSN Washington

Tandler: The schedule makers did the Redskins something of a favor in the early going, giving them a pre-bye schedule consisting of seven games with no opponents that made the 2014 playoffs. Only two of the opponents have top-shelf quarterbacks (Giants' Eli Manning and Falcons' Matt Ryan) and only the Jets and Dolphins finished in the top half of league in total defense. That gives Washington an opportunity to get off to a good start.