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Remember to Listen to The District!

We're on soon, so listen!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight on The District! We have no idea what is going to happen. Guests are an odd thing. Sometimes they'll promise to be on your show, only to learn later that they forgot that the Nationals have invited them to dinner. Hmm. So we'll all know if we have a guest tonight at the same time! That should be fun.

Regardless of our guests misplaced priorities, we'll still be talking. Consider it The District Unplugged. But we'll be plugged. So baseball season is upon us. We will discuss the Nats and how injuries are already having an impact on the team.

We'll also talk NFL Draft, Redskins, and maybe try to touch on some Caps and Wiz news. Then there's the Final Four.

So tune in to listen to us sink or swim. Or float there like a bloated, lifeless whale carcass.

If you have any questions for any of us, please comment below or tweet them to @DistrictStrong. We'll see if any of them can legally be asked on air. The show will be streaming from and simulcast here on Hogshaven. And, as always, The District is a 1st Amendment Sports production.