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Saturday Slop: Draft less than 2 weeks away

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Mel Kiper focuses on rebuilding the Redskins upfront | ESPN Redskins Blog

Kiper, who selected players in the first three rounds for each team in this Insider's post, has the Redskins taking linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. in the first round, tackle Cedric Ogbuehi in the second and guard A.J. Cann in the third.

Redskins draft prospects: WR Nelson Agholor | ESPN Redskins Blog

His versatility, having shown the ability to run a variety of routes from a number of different spots on the field - inside, outside, out of the backfield. He also can return punts and his success in that area is easy to see when you watch him get the ball in space. Agholor cuts quickly; rarely, if ever, did I see him stutter-step then go. It was more this: plant and cut. And it worked for him. He seems to feel the defensive pressure and cuts accordingly, whether on screens or on punt returns (saw him return two for touchdowns -- one against Washington State in which he sucked the pursuit in and was able to smoothly cut outside - it showed good quickness and vision.

Redskins Mailbag: Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: If the season is an outright disaster then sure that's a possible scenario. But at this point I'd be surprised to see everyone gone. Gruden has a guaranteed five-year deal so I don't know that Dan Snyder would really want to pay out another coach for multiple years. However, if they go 4-12 again and Gruden is overmatched then of course that's possible. But it would speak volumes if a quarterback-friendly coach could not produce with any of these passers. I can't believe we're even discussing this, but until you produce -- as a coach, as a quarterback -- you have to endure these scenarios.

Redskins draft board: Cornerback | CSN Washington

On paper, it certainly appears to be a more talented group than the one that began the season a year ago. But there are still questions that must be answered. Breeland showed promise as a rookie, but can he take the next step? Can Hall rebound from a twice-torn Achilles' tendon? Can Amerson bounce back from a sophomore slump? And what about the oft-injured Porter? Can you rely on him?

25 Redskins Questions: Who will be the Redskins 3rd down back | CSN Washington

It's hard for me to see Gruden and McCloughan relying heavily on Thompson to take the third-down role. At times last year Gruden was visibly frustrated with the nagging injuries that sidelined Thompson off and on during training camp. While Gruden does have some respect for Thompson's ability, the third-year back's issues with availability likely will prompt the organization to bring in some competition if the right guy is there on the draft board. I like the idea of going through the draft because there are quite a few options to choose from. Of the backs mentioned by Tarik I particularly like Yeldon.

On the Clock: Now with composite big board added