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Tuesday Debate: Which Redskins Offseason Move Is Your Favorite?

The Redskins have been at least a little busy this offseason--which move is your favorite so far?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I thought about making this a poll question today, but I would have to pick and choose between all the things the team has done so far, potentially leaving some of your favorites on the cutting room floor. As I just pretty much did that with the Final Four Memory poll, I think I will just open it all the way up.

The rules of our comments section debates are easy to follow:

  1. Title your comment with the move you love the best
  2. Add some commentary to it in the body of the comment
  3. Don't start a new comment thread with the same move someone else has already thrown out
  4. REC the move you like best
  5. Keep it civil, and let ih8 handle the bathroom stories
I will add my own thoughts to the comments section below, but I think it is important to point out that this column occurred to me because I am beginning to be impressed with the way McLovin' is running our team. It remains to be seen what short-term benefit we will receive as a result of some of these moves, but I am convinced that a foundation is being poured right now that will allow for McLovin's long-term vision to come to fruition.

It's not even on the heels of any huge news or blockbuster move by the team. I just feel like we are on pretty solid a way I have not felt about previous versions of this organization. It certainly goes without saying that we are experts in torpedoing ourselves, so we should be ever vigilant on that front, but at the moment, this team is moving in the right direction (in my humble opinion).