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Sunday Slop: Redskins trade options with the 5th pick

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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The Redskins should have plenty of trade options with the 5th pick |

Redskins mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

John Keim: This year? That would be asking a lot. Though Andre Roberts did not wow anyone, I think he's still more effective than Grant. I enjoyed watching Grant last summer in practice; very crisp routes and also ran routes that most young wideouts don't (some triple moves that he sells well). But the quarterbacks trusted Roberts as a route runner too and he's a bigger, stronger player. My one concern on Grant coming out of camp was his lack of strength and that still seemed to be an issue at season's end. He's not a burner so he needs that strength and quickness. He's a guy who maybe in 2016 could develop into a third wideout, but I think it would be asking a lot for this season.

Redskins mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: I think it is a concern, yes. And I agree with your first part that it's as much to help the run as it is to protect the quarterbacks, whether it's Griffin or whomever. But I also will say the team certainly does not think the fault lies just with the line. Far from it. If they only felt it was the offensive line holding Griffin back, they wouldn't let all of his issues be known. Still, I'm fine with the thinking that they must bolster the line -- and protection overall, including the backs and tight ends -- to buy him more time. He's a young quarterback still learning to play in the pocket. Then he has to produce (last year, his passer rating did not improve when he had more time. It was better when he got rid of the ball quickly).

25 Redskins Questions: Do they need more help at safety | CSN Washington

El-Bashir: I like the fact that McCloughan knows both Johnson and Goldson well, having acquired them out of college for the Seahawks and 49ers, respectively. I particularly like that Johnson spent the past four years learning from perennial Pro Bowlers Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. Johnson sounds prepared and hungry to make the most of his long-awaited opportunity. But now comes the hard part: actually doing it.

25 Redskins Questions: Who starts at RG? | CSN Washington

El-Bashir: There's a reason Chester (and his considerable cap number) remain on the Redskins' roster as the team's offseason workouts approach: Gruden and GM Scot McCloughan still view the 10th-year pro as the best right guard on the roster. For now, anyway. Remember, McCloughan has not hesitated to move on from key veterans he believed couldn't help in 2015.

Need to Know who could be a surprise Week 1 starter for the Redskins? | CSN Washington

I'll give you two. Well, one and a half really. The half is Ryan Grant, who I think will push Andre Roberts out of the way and get more snaps than him as the third wide receiver. I just think he'll work his way into a role despite his lack of blazing speed. So, to the extent that the slot receiver in a starter that's one change that could happen. The other one is on the defensive side of the ball where Will Compton will give Perry Riley a run for his money at the Jack inside linebacker spot.