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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Todd Gurley, RB

Hogs Haven takes a look at NFL prospects heading into the 2015 draft

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Gurley

Running Back

Height: 6' 1", Weight: 222 lbs


Strengths: Todd Gurley has been the talk of the SEC forever and for good reason. He has a great combination of speed, power, and balance. He's a difficult running back to tackle. He can brush off arm tackles with the best of ‘em. Take a bad angle and you're out of luck. Todd has the ability to blow up a would-be tackler or side-step him. He's strong enough to make that choice. He likes to finish his runs instead of running out of bounds. He also has good hands. Last season, 61.9% of his yards came after contact. In 510 carries he fumbled thrice. Yes thrice. Even his blocking is good.

Weaknesses: Gurley's biggest weakness is his tendency towards injury. He tore an ACL in 2014 and injured his ankle in the 2013 season. His field vision is average. He is not the most creative runner, either. He gets locked into a play. If he wants to cut back, he'll do it even if the play-side of the run is open.

Bottom Line: A healthy Todd Gurley will go far in the NFL. But his health is his major concern. He has taken a lot of knocks in the SEC. If he can stay healthy, he'll do well.

Projected Round: 1

Team He Fits Best On: Chargers, Cardinals, Dolphins, Cowboys