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Saturday Slop: Prioritizing the Redskins needs

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Redskins draft board: Wide Receiver | CSN Washington

At least not in 2015, when they're expected to spend more money on the position—$25 million—than every team other than the Lions. Jackson, Garçon and Roberts are all 28 or younger, and the trio figures to be around at least one more year.

Need to know: QB talk tops the Redskins Week that was | CSN Washington

Scot McCloughan attends Connor Halliday workout It will be interesting to see how McCloughan handles the quarterback position in the draft. And not just in this one but over the years. When he was a scout with the Packers they took one almost every year; some became trade bait, others were camp fodder. But they kept on taking them. McCloughan didn't do this in San Francisco but perhaps as Alex Smith struggled year after year he wished he did.

How much should the Redskins value Trent Williams | CSN Washington

If and when that signing happens it will cost a good-sized chunk of the Redskins' cap space. Williams will be looking for a contract that pays about the same as deals signed by the Cowboys' Tryon Smith ($12.2 million/year average) and the Browns' Joe Thomas ($11.5 million/year).

Why Getting a trade return for Cousins or Griffin will be tough: |

Mel Kiper changes pass rushers for the Redskins in his latest Mock | ESPN Redskins Blog

Kiper pointed to Fowler's combine performance matching what he saw on tape. He also wrote, "Fowler doesn't have to be a sack machine to be a really good player, and I do think the pass rush will continue to get better, which is what the Redskins desperately need as they continue to build this defense into a more formidable unit. Better secondary play typically starts up front."

Trent Williams parts ways with agent Ben Dogra | ESPN Redskins Blog

Williams is entering the final year of his contract and there has been talk about signing him to a long-term deal. It's doubtful parting ways with Dogra would have much impact on accomplishing this feat. Williams still will be represented by Vince Taylor, who has been with him from the beginning as well. Dogra was fired by CAA last November and later joined Relativity Sports. He represents Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and former Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo.

NFC East Roundtable: Best Team in the Division | ESPN NFC East Blog

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