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Jay Gruden Speaks at the NFL Owners Meetings

Jay Gruden discusses Robert Griffin III, free agency and the draft at the NFL Owner's Meetings

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Chris Culliver:

Jeron Johnson:

Safety Depth Chart:

Converting CB to FS:

Defensive Line:

Right Tackle:

"He's doing good, he's been working hard," Gruden said of Moses' rehab. "He should be ready to go."

"It won't be hard at all, as long as he comes into camp ready to go and gets a whole offseason with coach Callahan and understands what we're looking for at that position," Gruden said. "Morgan's a smart guy. He'll pick it up quickly, what we're looking for and what coach Callahan needs him to do. He'll have the opportunity, no doubt. Tom will have a great opportunity. I'm sure we'll add a couple pieces in the draft and rookie free agents to come in and compete, too. It'll be an interesting battle.

"[Moses] has a chance to be a good, solid right tackle for us. Tom Compton did some good things. He got beat from time to time like a lot of tackles do. With another year under his belt he has a chance."

"The transition to right side wasn't as smooth as we'd like, but with a year under his belt, he has a chance to be a good solid right tackle for us," Gruden said. "Tom Compton won the job there in the middle of the year and did some good things. He got beat from time to time, like a lot of tackles do. I think with another year under his belt, he has a chance. We'll see how they do."

Running game:

Guard Depth:

Brian Orakpo:

Drafting OLB:

Trent Murphy:

"Trent has great hands. He needs to develop more strength,"

Gruden said. "He's very young up top and he'll get a lot stronger. He has the hands, he has the hips, he has the flexibility to get a good pass rush. We have to continue to work on his get off and some of his strength, which I think we can develop that. From a talent standpoint and toughness standpoint I like Trent. I think he has a bright future."

Improving as a Head Coach:

"I think going into Year 2, getting to know the guys, we had such a different group of guys. We had a lot of new guys coming into the organization, I was new, we had some new coaches. It was a unique situation last year, obviously. We had the quarterback issues. We had some issues we had to put out in-house. Hope everything calms down this year. Everybody's approach is ‘We're all in this together.' We want to have one goal and it's ‘We want to win football games.' I'll be more comfortable, the players will be more comfortable knowing what to expect from me, and hopefully it'll be a smooth transition."

"I do feel confident moving forward in my approach, not only to the weekly approach, but daily approach, to hourly approach to what I need to get done," he said. "And with the help of a great staff, that's why you hire people around you that are competent, that you can distribute workloads to people and know it's going to get done right and taught right. I really feel good about that moving forward with myself and the staff that we have."

QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh:

QB Depth:

New Strength and Conditioning Coach:

Griffin Enters Camp as Starter:

"Every quarterback in the National Football League, whether you're 39 years old or 24 years old or 25, you have to continue to work on your fundamentals every offseason," Gruden said. "He's got to do that. Then, from the Xs and Os part of it, you know, that's just something he's going to have to work through and figure out how to do it."

Offseason coaching restrictions for QBs:

Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry:

Scot McCloughan:

5th Overall Pick:

Injuries affecting offseason workouts:

3rd down back:

Santana Moss:

Unsigned Redskins free agents:

Top QBs in the draft:

"If we think it’s worth the risk to hit the ‘reset button,’ if he’s that good of a football player, if we decide in the building that he’s that good of a football player and that we should do that, then we should do that, you know?" Gruden said. "But we haven’t come up with that determination as a whole group, as an organization yet, and it’s something that we’re working towards. Based on what I’ve seen so far, both of them are very talented people."

Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan extensions:

David Amerson:

Bashaud Breeland:

Pass rushers in the draft:

"To add another pass-rusher would be outstanding, whether it's first, second, third, fourth, whatever round we get. There are some good pass-rushers in this draft -- not just early, but late," Gruden said.

"You know, they are different. They're different pass-rushers. It's interesting," Gruden said. "You know, you've got Shane Ray, who's a good pass-rusher. He's got good speed. You've got Vic Beasley. He's excellent. Randy Gregory, very athletic, man. He can bend and do everything you want as a pass-rusher. Obviously, Dante Fowler, very explosive, strong, big. There are some great options out there as far as pass rushers are concerned. That's exciting."

They're different, too. Some are better in third-and-long; some on first-and-10.

"You want a guy that can do a little bit of both," Gruden said. "You want a guy that can hold up in the running game on first down and obviously transition from playing the run to getting a pass rush and some of the play actions but then have the ability on third down-and-8 to be a game-type changer. I feel like there's four or five guys in this draft that can be that."