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The Rundown Talks with George Wallace About Redskins and March Madness

This week's episode of The Rundown covers Redskins topics with George Wallace, along with anything else that affects DC sports fans.

Just a quick editor's note on the increasing amount of podcasts featured on Hogs Haven. I have taken a personal interest in developing these shows with people that are sincere about creating regular, fresh content. My writers and I know very well the time commitment involved in these passions of ours, and so when we have the chance to surround ourselves with folks who share our dedication and energy, we pounce on it. I look forward to bringing you more of these projects in the coming weeks and months and I hope they complement what we do here at Hogs Haven for all of you. Some will be 100% Redskins, while others (like The Rundown) will feature Redskins coverage alongside talk of all things DC sports-related. Thanks for listening and giving all of these shows a chance to build out the sports conversation.

Poho and Petey Mac are back this week talking about everything that touches the DC sports fan's life. Their guest is George Wallace, a longtime staple of WTOP radio and Westwood One. As always, get your Iron Sheik Tweet of the Week, and if you don't learn something from the Serial Pooper story, well, I just can't help you.**

**Probably a good time to make the claim that all opinions expressed in these shows are those of the hosts of these shows, and not necessarily of me or Hogs Haven.

Happy listening!