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Sunday Slop: Reviewing FA and looking towards the draft

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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La'el Collins scouting report |

Redskins free agents more praised than 2014 class | ESPN Redskins Blog

At the time: Why did the Redskins make him a Day 1 priority signing after lackluster seasons in Cleveland? But some Browns coaches felt he would be a good fit in a zone-based system because of his ability to move. However, he was an inconsistent starter in Cleveland.

Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: Hill is a restricted free agent so the Ravens have the ability to match any offer made to him. Because he was undrafted in 2012, his tender would not require compensation if another team signs him. However, I would not take a chance on him. This is too similar to the Tanard Jackson situation; Hill was suspended in each of the last two seasons (six games last year) and another one will result in a one-year ban. You can't become desperate and overlook these issues. The Ravens are a strong enough organization to overcome certain problems; the Redskins are not.

Need to know: Quick Hits | CSN Washington

We need to define some terms here. A draft workout, where the team goes out onto the field with the prospect and has him throw, catch, run patterns, and the like, must take place near the player's home school. So a team can't "host" a workout. They do host draft visits, where the prospect comes to the facility, tours the place, meets to coaches, etc. The Redskins tend to keep these visits very secretive so they may have had some workouts and/or visits and kept them under wraps. They get 30 visits and they have seven draft picks so you can figure out how significant each one is.

Redskins roster reset: Safeties | CSN Washington

2015 Outlook: The Redskins entered free agency needing two starting safeties. So far, they've landed a former Seattle backup they hope will become a quality starter in Washington.

Redskins Quick Hits: Will Forbath be challenged? | CSN Washington

Although Forbath is a very accurate field goal kicker his leg strength is still suspect. He annually ranks near the bottom of the league in touchbacks and there's a pretty good chance that they will keep their eye on kickers who can both consistently boot the ball through the end zone and be reasonably accurate on field goals. I suspect there will be a second kicker in OTAs and training camp but how serious the competition is remains to be seen. The chances are pretty good that Forbath will be the Week 1 kicker.

Would wide receiver be a luxury pick at 5? | CSN Washington

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports polled some "NFL sources" on what position the teams holding the first eight picks would draft. The result of his unscientific survey came up with the Redskins drafting either on the defensive line or at wide receiver. We've heard plenty about the defensive line (edge rusher) possibilities. But why would a wide receiver make sense for the Redskins so high in the draft?

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