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The Rundown Discusses the Draft and Other DC Sports Topics

Will Jay Gruden be the coach of the Redskins in two seasons? Should the Redskins take Marcus Mariota? The Rundown discusses these and other Redskins topics, as well as a host of other DC sports matters.

The Rundown solves all the DC sports problems on a weekly basis.
The Rundown solves all the DC sports problems on a weekly basis.

The Rundown talks Redskins with yours truly, about 1st Amendment Sports and the latest and greatest at Hogs Haven. I think one of the things I heard them say that resonated with some of the comments the last few months is the "up-in-the-air" nature of Jay Gruden's future as a head coach. I have been trying to block out any thoughts of a coaching search since the taping.

I also made the ridiculous claim that I would reach like a mofo and grab an offensive tackle at #5, which I already regret. (Ideally, we can trade down a bit and get the offensive lineman, but we all know McLovin's history by now.)

March Madness has begun and two local DMV favorites are in. Poho think the Terps were hosed and Pete thinks Georgetown got hooked up. Both agree that this whole thing goes through Kentucky, so it doesn't matter when you beat them!

Two other D.C. teams are making playoff runs as we speak. Are the Caps mentally tough enough and are the Wiz really relevant? Get your funny, as always, but disappointing Sheiky Tweet of the Week.