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Saturday Slop: Redskins focusing on defense in free agency

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Redskins free agents bring playmaking ability | CSN Washington

The 2014 Redskins had some difficulty making big plays on defense. They had just 19 takeaways, tied for 28th in the NFL. They forced just 14 fumbles and only two teams had fewer than their seven interceptions. They ranked 22nd in sacks with 36.

Need to know: FA changes the look of a number of the Redskins opponents | CSN Washington

Dolphins—The interior of the Redskins' line is not their strong point and there's no question that Ndamukong Suh will be quite a load to handle.

Chris Culliver signing leads to more questions for Redskins | ESPN Redskins Blog

Perhaps, but they're not good options. One former NFL coach said he'd be concerned about Hall's size and durability at a position he's never played. Hall is smart enough, but he'd have to learn the game from a new perspective, plus learn run fits and how to play angles and be physical coming from the middle of the field. He's listed at 5-foot-10 and 198 pounds -- small for a safety. Amerson is too undisciplined, with his eyes in particular. Breeland has the skills to move there, and the previous defensive staff believed he could play safety. But if a guy is playing well at corner, you don't move him.

Redskins free agent analysis Terrance Knighton | ESPN Redskins blog

Talked to a coach, scout and executive about Knighton and here are a couple comments, none are earth shattering: "A big strong inside run stuffer." "He's been a beast his whole career. Very good versus the run." "Good 3-4 nose tackle; only issue has been weight in past. Very good run stuffer."

Redskins to host safety Jeron Johnson | ESPN Redskins blog

Johnson also is considered a strong special teams player -- and solid tackler. It's unknown whether the Redskins view him as a strong or free safety. He lacks Thomas' speed and Chancellor's hitting ability. But so do many other safeties.

On the Clock NFL Mock Draft Simulator |