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The Rundown Discusses Redskins Free Agency, S1:E8

Who knows DC sports better than DC fans who both own sports bars and have worked the beat as reporters? Listen to The Rundown.

Petey Mac and Poho talk Redskins, the NFL and just about anything that crosses their minds.
Petey Mac and Poho talk Redskins, the NFL and just about anything that crosses their minds.

In an effort to continually deliver fresh and varying voices on all things Redskins-related, I am proud to bring you the second show on the 1st Amendment Sports network, The Rundown. The hosts of this particular show are a DC-based pair of longtime friends who some of you may very well know.

Alan Pohoryles ("Poho") and Pete McElroy ("Petey Mac") provide the kind of fan's perspective we have grown to appreciate on Hogs Haven, but they also offer a bit of an insider's twist. Pete helped launch Comcast Sportsnet DC, and has worked as a TV personality for MASN as both a Ravens and Nationals beat reporter. He also did a tour of duty working for the Arizona Cardinals. Poho is everyone's best friend--as the owner of a Bethesda, MD sports bar and a high school lacrosse coach for the past 15 years, he lives and breathes every kind of sports conversation you can imagine.

As you all know, the shows that appear on Hogs Haven vary from 100% pure Redskins shows to broader DC-based sports shows and even the occasional national show--but they all spend at least some time discussing the Redskins. I always want to make sure people understand that you get more than just Redskins talk when you listen to shows produced by 1st Amendment Sports.

On this episode, the boys cover free agency, and the phenomenon that is Dan Snyder NOT lighting his money on fire. Since Petey Mac is technically from Philly (we won't hold that against him...yet), they cover the saga unfolding in Eagles Nation, and the force of nature that is Chip Kelly.

Finally, don't miss their Iron Sheik Tweet of the Week and their Rundown Jackass. Yes, that is THE Iron Sheik, and his twitter stylings are kind of ridiculous.

Happy listening.