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Clayton: Redskins Will Take Mariota at #5


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's John Clayton was on the Freddie Coleman show on ESPN Radio yesterday.  The topic of discussion was the Eagles possibly trading up to land Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.  According to Clayton, he thinks it's unlikely citing that the Eagles probably don't have the assets/wouldn't want to use the assets necessary to make that drastic a move.  Clayton claimed the Eagles would have to trade into the top four to make that sort of a move.  Wait... THE TOP FOUR?!

Why on Earth would the Eagles need to trade into the top four as opposed to trading with the Redskins at #5 or the Jets at #6?

"And honestly, don't discount, he's not going to fall to the Jets at six right now, the Redskins will take him at five," said Clayton.  "At least Dan Snyder might not think there's quarterback issues, Jay Gruden and everyone else in the front office thinks there's quarterback issues."

"And if Marcus Mariota falls to five, it's not a position where they're desperate enough to trade up to get him, but if he falls to five, I'm telling you this right now, they'll take him."

This is John Clayton we're talking about here.  He's a pretty well respected member of the sports media and he sounded extremely definite, sure, and emphatic.  It didn't sound like pure speculation.

Has McCloughan seen enough of RGIII to know he'll never be effective again?  Is Gruden insistent on finding another QB?

Could this all just be some crazy plan to pressure RGIII into working harder?

Are they just putting this out there to make other teams really believe it so they know they'll have to do business with the 'Skins at #5 to get Mariota if he's there because they believe he won't fall past the 'Skins?

I don't know.  But I do know that John Clayton said definitively that if Mariota is available at #5, the Redskins WILL take him.