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Should the Redskins Trade for Tom Savage?

Is Tom Savage someone you would make a move for if you were Scot McCloughan?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This is a quick-hitter, as I really don't know of a good answer here other than, "Ken, you're a genius!"

When I saw Brian Hoyer sign with Houston to compete with Ryan Mallett for the right to pilot the USS JJWatt, I thought that there was an opportunity to add a young player possibly on the outs with his current team.

I really liked Tom Savage out of college. After earning Freshman All-American honors at Rutgers, Savage wrapped up his college career in 2013 at Pitt (he did have some injury issues and a hardship waiver was denied). The guy can straight-up throw the football. He is a big boy, standing 6'4" and weighing in at approximately 225 pounds. To be sure, he is raw, and would need development, but anybody available in a trade like the one I am suggesting is going to need work. The Houston Texans picked him up late in the fourth round of the draft last year (with a compensatory pick if I am not mistaken). Assuming for a moment that he isn't in Bill O'Brien's immediate plans, perhaps an inquiry makes some sense?

Savage got a brief window to show his stuff at the end of last season for the Texans, and despite looking pretty solid for a guy coming off the bench, he came up short at the end of the game and suffered a season-ending knee injury.

I am NOT suggesting Tom Savage is our answer at quarterback. I am NOT suggesting that if we did this deal, he would sit anywhere but third on our depth chart. I AM suggesting that our depth chart is not exactly filled with players that we envision even still being here in five years.

Given all the action today on the trading front, it occurs to me that the Redskins might pursue the acquisition of talent in a bit of a different way. It already seems that players are actively deciding to take their money from other teams in free agency. Why not target young players buried on rosters that at least seem to be outside of the plans of a current coach/GM?

After all, with Mallett and Hoyer in Houston, it stands to reason that the Texans see one of those guys as the quarterback for the next three or four seasons. That leaves Tom Savage as a guy who just might be available.