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Redskins President Bruce Allen Talks About Dan Snyder, Kirk Cousins Trade, and Free Agency

Redskins President Bruce Allen talked about a few things on radio for "Free Agency Day"

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Washington Redskins President, and former GM, Bruce Allen made an appearance on 106.7 the Fan's Grant and Danny Show today and answered a wide range of questions.  He discussed free agency, Scot McCloughan's influence, Jay Gruden's first year, the potential for a Kirk Cousins trade, Dan Snyder's involvement and more.

Back to back losing seasons:

Dan Snyder's involvement:

"At the end of last season - actually, before the end of last season - Dan [Snyder] and I were talking about different aspects of the organization and ways we can improve our team," Allen said. "Dan's goal has been, and is, to win football games. That is our goal. We have been noticing that with the cap increase, free agency's not going to be what everybody wants it to be. The key is really to have a good draft. ... We did turn down some trades last year that would've lost a few of our picks, so we knew going into this year we wanted to do a good job, not only for 2015, but the future years and making sure we acquired players who are going to be Redskins for a long time."

Paulsen asked Allen if past speculation and reports that Snyder is involved in personnel decisions is exaggerated.

"I haven't seen those reports," Allen said. "Dan doesn't get involved, I know that. I've been in just about every personnel meeting we've had this year, as [well as] all of our scouts and coaches to a certain degree. With free agency, they've had their own [meetings], and then we've met as a group. We're trying to find out everything we can on a player. I've always said that the tape is the DNA. That tells you exactly who the player is on the field, but we've been doing a good job of trying to investigate the character of all these players as well."

Jay Gruden's first season as head coach:

Robert Griffin III:

"We've seen what Robert can do on the field. We know we have someone that will work hard every day to get better," he said. "It's going to take some time. Young quarterbacks take a long time to develop."

"Robert's got to stay healthy. That's easier said than done, this is a very physical sport," Allen said of Griffin.

"He's got to be smart with the ball, and learn to protect himself."

Kirk Cousins trade:

Contract Extensions:

*Shortly after Allen's radio appearance, published a story about the team working on contract extensions for Williams and Kerrigan.

Scot McCloughan:

"The reason we brought Scot in is for Scott to give us his vision for the type of players he's looking for," Allen said. "At the end of the day, Scot will make the detemrination if somebody fits or doesn't fit."

Overpaying in Free Agency:

"We are not going to pay a C player A money. We do have an idea of how our projections for our team will be for the next four years."

Cap Penalties/Cap Spending Requirements:

Agents Using the Redskins for Negotiations with other Teams: