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Free Agency Begins Today at 4 PM; Redskins Set to Make Key Additions

Instead of the normal waves caused by the Redskins in free agency, this year it appears that Ashburn has been deemed a No Splash Zone.

Happy first day of free agency, y'all!

It just wouldn't be the same without our picture of Dan making it rain, though the forecast is not calling for much in the way of that today. Now that McLovin' is on the job, we all expect the Redskins to be somewhat thrifty in free agency, with targeted bursts of spending.

I wouldn't rule out a major surprise, but I am not betting on it. As long as we focus on bringing in players who are still on the right side of a few good years, we will be fine. By not diving into the deep end of the pool on the first second of free agency as we have in the past, we are passing up the chance to overspend on one or two big names. That's just crazy enough to work!

Once the market gets a few ridiculous pricetags under its belt, we should see things settle down, as they tend to do. This time, instead of being the team living in the headlines where experts argue whether we spent wisely or overspent, the Redskins will do their shopping in an environment where the costs are far more reasonable.

I was thinking the comments section of this post could be for two things:

1) What ONE signing do you absolutely need to see (and be realistic on the chances of a deal getting done)?

2) Please sprinkle in your fondest memories of the insanity that was unleashed on the world every time free agency opened over the last 15 years or so. There are some great stories to be told...after all, most of our happy memories as Redskins fans have taken place in March and April over the years. (SERENITY NOW!!!!)

Regardless of what happens, our 2015 team begins to take shape today. Decisions that are made today might not result in immediate cuts or moves, but they will almost certainly lead to both.

Good luck to all of you...hahaha...try and pace yourselves!