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Sunday Slop: Scot McCloughan's Emphasis on Player Development

A collection of Redskins stories around the web.

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Collusion case moves closer to end of the line | ProFootballTalk

According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, Judge Michael Davis has denied the NFLPA’s request to conduct so-called “discovery,” a universal tactic in civil cases aimed at generating information to support the crafting of claims and defenses. “The NFLPA has not demonstrated a colorable claim that the NFL improperly forced it to settle, or misled it as to the legal effect of the settlement,” Judge Davis wrote.  “Furthermore, the NFLPA’s proffered evidence highlights the real concern that the NFLPA may use the opportunity for . . . discovery as an improper ‘fishing expedition’ to investigate the merits of its alleged collusion claim.”

Nebraska's Randy Gregory sees 3-4 defense as his best NFL fit -
"I like standing up," Gregory told The Associated Press. "It serves my body better, my physical traits better, being able to see the play form and stay in an athletic stance and make plays. At the same time, if a 4-3 team comes around, I feel I can help them and play that spot."

Leaving Griffin Out is Best for Business
The disgruntled Redskins fan base has gone from infatuated to disenchanted with more than just the organization. They have pointed the finger at Griffin.  In some ways it is understandable. Griffin needs to play better. He needs to generate headlines for positive reasons and not the negative kind. Sometimes that is under his control, sometimes it is not.  The problem is this: He can't win no matter what he does. If he talks, he gets shredded. If he doesn't talk, it is terribly awkward and also against the rules. If he does what I've encouraged him to do (be more like Tom Brady with his words), he still gets criticized. For example, "focused on San Francisco" comes to mind.

The Redskins Blog | Silas Redd Honoring Someone New Each Day For Black History Month
Running back Silas Redd has been pretty active on Twitter recently. Each morning, in honor Black History Month, Redd has posted, and will continue to post, photos of black figures who have made an impact throughout history.

Need to Know: McCloughan continuing Redskins’ emphasis on player development | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
I have read in some places that the draft really is, for the most part, a crap shoot. Teams like the Packers, Seahawks, and Patriots don’t necessarily draft better than other teams, they develop the players they draft better than other teams. There was evidence presented back and forth and the conclusion was that drafting good players isn’t all luck but you can make your own good fortune by developing the players you draft.

The Redskins Blog | Best Of Redskins Late Night: Adam Hayward Talks Beards
Adam Hayward knows what kind of patience is takes to grow a pretty good beard. But, while he sported a pretty impressive beard during the season, Hayward admitted on “Redskins Late Night” that occasionally he gets “beard envy” when he sees Chris Neild. Neild, of course, has one of the best beards around, as it’s long, thick and devoid of patchiness. “I’ve asked him over and over and over how mine can get like that,” Hayward said. “Cause mine kinda has…it’s a little thin here and here. I want that big, thick beard. I want that long Duck Dynasty all the way down to my belly beard.”

A New Stadium is Closer Than you Think | ESPN 980
Here's what I do know. The Redskins want to maximize their revenues for the next few generations in the early part of next decade and not the latter part.    They want the Super Bowl to come to Washington D.C. They want the NCAA Final Four to be played at their sparkling new mansion. That can only happen if a retractable roof is in place. They have been quietly efforting to land WWE's version of a Super Bowl, WrestleMania. How about a College Football National Championship? Yup, all of that and more.    World Cup 2026 anyone? Sure. Don't forget how high the arbitrary television ratings were for last year's FIFA World Cup on the men's side, especially in Washington.    More Notre Dame, a bowl game, concerts, soccer matches, an NBA All-Star game and anything they can get their hands on.

Redskins Weekly Review -

Leftover Washington Redskins thoughts from Todd McShay's mock draft - ESPN
He had Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota going sixth to the New York Jets. If that were to happen then the Redskins might be able to benefit via a trade. I’m fine if they stay at No. 5 because there’s some defensive talent that can provide help. But the chance to add more picks -- as long as they don’t trade too far back -- and get multiple good, young players is appealing.

Redskins Combine countdown: Stanford OT Andrus Peat | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
How he fits the Redskins: Although some mock drafts have him going to the Redskins at No. 5 overall, that seems very unlikely. Although he could play left tackle in the NFL, with Trent Williams entrenched there in Washington any tackle drafted would be ticketed for the right side. Given the lesser value of the position he will not be the best available player at the fifth pick. But there is plenty of talk of the Redskins trading back and if they wind up with a pick somewhere in the teens Peat could be the guy. They have been looking to stabilize the right tackle position ever since Jon Jansen’s play started to decline in the middle of the last decade. They could plug Peat in there and forget about the position until the middle of the next decade.

Ryan Kerrigan stops by Redskins Nation | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Two inexperienced coordinators is a luxury Redskins coach Jay Gruden can’t afford - The Washington Post
So now that the Washington Redskins’ coaching staff is complete, two things are clear: The group is alarmingly short on experience at the top, and Jay Gruden has rolled the dice on his head coaching career. There’s no other way to put it. After appearing overmatched in his disastrous rookie year, Gruden should have picked sage lieutenants to lean on during those crises that annually befall the Redskins. Instead, for his second season, Gruden stuck with a formula that didn’t work in assembling what appears to be a shaky command team.