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Saturday Slop: Getting Ready for the Offseason

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Washington Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

John Keim: I can't believe how many questions I get about Duke Ihenacho and starting. Here's what I know: He was cut by his former team in part because he couldn't cover. As you know, Ihenacho is a free agent; I have no idea what the new general manager, defensive coordinator or secondary coach think about him. But I can't imagine you bring him back as anything other than a backup and special teamer and let him compete. If he somehow wins the job, that's great. But there's zero proof right now to think he is, or should be, the guy.

Washington Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: That's an interesting question. I was told early on by a football guy I trust not to expect a great draft this year from the Redskins because there's still so much for Scot McCloughan to learn when it comes to the scouts, etc. And they need to know what he's looking for in a player. That doesn't mean they'll fail this spring, but it does mean they should be stronger in the future more than now. But I don't think you punt on this draft. I could see them swinging a deal to add another pick or two in this draft while also landing another in 2016. You can do both.

Updates on some Redskins Contracts | ESPN Redskins Blog

On receiver Andre Roberts: Roberts' 2015 contract is guaranteed for injury and becomes fully guaranteed on the 15th day of the new league year, which begins March 10. If they cut him before the 15th day, they would not have to pay his $2.75 million salary. But there would be a proration so they would only save $750,000 on the salary cap. While he did not have a great year, that's not enough of a savings to justify such a move.

New Redskins coach aims to build "trusting" relationship with RG3 | Comcast SportsNet Washington
“What I need to develop now is a trusting relationship between us [so I'm] able to maybe impart some of my experiences on them to help them play their position a little bit better,” Cavanaugh told Larry Michael on Redskins Nation this week. “I think the system is outstanding. I think it’s built for both of them to be successful, and now we’ve got to find out why it hasn’t transitioned as smoothly as everybody wanted it to.”

Redskins Combine countdown: Ole Miss safety Cody Prewitt | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
How he fits the Redskins: This could be a case where need meets the best available player. Prewitt is likely to be there when Redskins’ second-round pick comes up and if things fall right he could be available in the third. They would have to take a long, hard look at him to plug in as the starting free safety in training camp and take care of that position for the next half dozen years or so. At 6-2, he has the height that Scot McCloughan wants in defensive backs. Prewitt may have to add on a few pounds but not at the risk of losing much speed.

The Redskins Blog | Best Of Redskins Late Night: Adam Hayward Talks Beards
Adam Hayward knows what kind of patience is takes to grow a pretty good beard. But, while he sported a pretty impressive beard during the season, Hayward admitted on "Redskins Late Night" that occasionally he gets "beard envy" when he sees Chris Neild. Neild, of course, has one of the best beards around, as it’s long, thick and devoid of patchiness. "I’ve asked him over and over and over how mine can get like that," Hayward said. "Cause mine kinda has…it’s a little thin here and here. I want that big, thick beard. I want that long Duck Dynasty all the way down to my belly beard."

A New Stadium is Closer Than you Think | ESPN 980
Here's what I do know. The Redskins want to maximize their revenues for the next few generations in the early part of next decade and not the latter part.    They want the Super Bowl to come to Washington D.C. They want the NCAA Final Four to be played at their sparkling new mansion. That can only happen if a retractable roof is in place. They have been quietly efforting to land WWE's version of a Super Bowl, WrestleMania. How about a College Football National Championship? Yup, all of that and more.    World Cup 2026 anyone? Sure. Don't forget how high the arbitrary television ratings were for last year's FIFA World Cup on the men's side, especially in Washington.    More Notre Dame, a bowl game, concerts, soccer matches, an NBA All-Star game and anything they can get their hands on.

How Do NFL Teams Really Cheat? | Bleacher Report
Everyone in the NFL cheats.  I get why people don't want to admit this. I really do. Professionals aren't supposed to bend the rules and look for cracks in the shield to gain even the smallest of advantages. So when Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots get caught up in Deflategate leading up to the Super Bowl, it becomes bigger national news than the game itself. Because people want to think the game is perfectly clean. But we all know it isn't.

Need to Know: Is safety or O-line the Redskins’ biggest offseason priority? | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The Redskins are a team with many needs as evidenced by their 7-25 record over the past two years. Safety is at the top of the list over the offensive line, over cornerback, over anything else. The reason is simple. They don’t have a safety who is capable of starting for 16 games on the roster. The Redskins have only two safeties under contract in Akeem Davis and Phillip Thomas. Although I think Thomas could eventually be a starter, his lack of experience and injury history will prevent the Redskins from checking off the "strong safety" box when they are looking at areas where they are set.

Offseason question: Is Meriweather a risk Washington can afford? - The Washington Post
Many were surprised when Washington re-signed strong safety Brandon Meriweather to a one-year deal following the 2013 season. Jim Haslett’s defense desperately needed an upgrade at safety. But after Washington’s front office concluded the long-term solution wasn’t available on the free-agent market, the team brought Meriweather back on a one-year deal that suggested he was a stop-gap measure for 2014 — a hedge against the possibility that Phillip Thomas wouldn’t be ready for starting duty after missing his rookie season with a Lisfranc injury.

The Redskins Blog | Matt Cavanaugh and Doug Williams Go Back 37 Years
Yesterday, during a segment on "Redskins Nation," Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, asked Cavanaugh about his familiarity with the coaching staff and received this historical nugget. "Doug and I came out [of college] the same year," Cavanaugh said. "When I was down in Mobile, Ala., at the Senior Bowl it hit me that 37 years ago he and I were on opposing teams."

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