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Free agent Friday with Manage the Cap

A look at a possible Redskins free agency simulation.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

In light of all the free agency activity today I decided to do a quick Free Agency Friday post of a possible Redskins simulation.

Note: I ran this simulation before today's moves (but I made them anyways), and before adding DT Ricky Jean Francois to the Redskins, but I was able to sign him.

Follow along with the simulation here:

Cuts: DL Kedric Golston, DL Stephen Bowen, DL Barry Cofield, G Chris Chester, TE Logan Paulsen, CB Tracy Porter

-No real surprises here, particularly when factoring in the Jean-Francois signing. I considered cutting Lichtensteiger, Garcon, Riley and Lauvao as well, but figured to do a more basic version this time. Golston actually may not get cut until camp given his lower cap number, but I have a hard time believing he's anything more than an insurance policy.

Restructures: None

-No need to create additional cap room and push money into future years.

Re-signings: TE Niles Paul - 3 years $7.5 million, $1.875 million cap hit this year.

-Considered re-signing guys like Colt McCoy and Brian Orakpo, but decided just to bring back Paul.


RT Doug Free- 3 years $12.75 million, $3.187 million cap hit this year

-Free knows new OL coach Bill Callahan who helped Free to bounced back after a couple of rough years. He's a solid, capable starting right tackle and would be the best right tackle the Redskins have had since Jon Jansen (though not at that level). This is a short term contract for a moderate salary that should easily be able to produce a positive impact. If Morgan Moses bounces back fully healthy and out plays him, Free isn't so pricey as it would kill the cap if you needed to cut him next year.

DT Ricky Jean-Francois- 3 years $10.25 million, $2.812 million cap hit this year

-I had to pay him a bit more than what the Redskins signed him for, but that contract has some incentives so it may even up. Jean-Francois is a nice addition, though maybe slightly expensive given his role as a likely part time player. He's a strong run defender and in a 1 gap defensive scheme he can play some nose tackle like he did out in San Francisco.

ILB Andrew Gachkar- 1 year $1.25 million, $1.25 million cap hit this year

-Gachkar has been a part-time player/spot starter for the Chargers and new Redskins DC Joe Barry the past two seasons, while also playing special teams. Not only would he offer ST help and knowledge of Barry's system, but he could end up being a platoon partner with Perry Riley if Riley doesn't improve his pass coverage. This is a nice cheap stopgap signing that has a chance to have a decent impact.

CB Walter Thurmond- 4 years $18 million, $3.15 million cap hit this year

-Thurmond would be one of the Redskins "bigger" signings at 4 years and $4.5 million a year, but he's a guy who could become an integral part of the defense. Scot McCloughan is familiar with him from his time in Seattle, and that could help bring him here. He's a bigger corner with nice ball skills, his price is a bit reduced due to injury but he should be fully healthy this year. He's still very young and he could replace Amerson as a starter.

S Louis Delmas- 3 years $12.75 million, $3.187 million cap hit this year

-This is the same deal that Doug Free signed, though the guarantee here would be quite a bit less given his injury history. Delmas though is a very productive strong safety when he's on the field. He's good in the box and still pretty decent in coverage (something that is lacking among most strong safeties). He's not a "star" or "elite", but just a solid above-average starter who will show up as long as he's healthy. The issue of course is he's coming off an ACL injury, but the thought is that he can play this year (obviously if he doesn't check out medically you don't sign him). This type of contract would be a year to year sort of thing, so if he can't return from the injury or his play is awful you release him next year.

S Taylor Mays- 1 year $2.25 million, $2.25 million cap hit this year

-Mays is one of the more disappointing "Combine star" in recent memory. From a size/athletic standpoint he looks like a Sean Taylor type, but he's never come anywhere close to playing like the late Redskins star. Mays has the athletic ability to play free safety, but he lacks the instincts. He's also inconsistent as an in the box safety. Why did I sign him? Well for two reasons, one he helps out from a depth special teams standpoint, but the other reason is I'd get him on the field as a nickel linebacker. He would never be a full time linebacker, but replacing a guy like Perry Riley are pretty well known passing situations would be an ideal role for him. His one year deal gives the Redskins a year to try it out and protect the cap going forward.

QB Matt Schaub- 1 year $2.75 million, $2.75 million cap hit this year

-The Redskins need a veteran quarterback behind Griffin and Cousins, and Schaub is a guy who would sign for one year on the cheap end of the scale. While Schaub hasn't been anything close to effective the past two seasons, he was a very good starter from 2008-2012, including two Pro Bowl seasons. Maybe he'll never regain that level of play, but if the Redskins had to turn to him he wouldn't be a bad option.

Overall I think this is the type of free agency plan we could see with Scott McCloughan in charge. These are not really long term fixes and most of these contracts are the type that you can easily get out of after a year or definitely two years. Thurmond is the one guy who goes over 3 years, but he has the upside to be the best player from the bunch. While there is still $9 million in cap space to be rolled over for next year, I didn't include more and made some extra signings (Mays, Schaub) in part due to the fact that the Redskins are going to be forced to spend a fair amount of money the next two years.

Let me know what you think and post your own simulations below!