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DC Legalizes Weed; Redskins Nation "Feels Good" About 2015 Chances

Washington, D.C. residents finally have an excuse as to why they believe the Redskins can win the Super Bowl in weed.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images I mostly wrote this article for the headline and the crazy news coming out of the city today. I figured it would also be a good time to take the temperature of Redskins fans in a way-too-early, why-bother-even-asking poll. As I always say, it is never too early to predict 10-6!!!

It is only fitting that the home of our favorite football team has legalized weed. After all, upon publishing my season prediction each summer, I routinely get asked, "What in the hell have you been smoking?"

Hope and optimism exist outside of the nation's capital, but our undying belief that the Redskins winning it all causes folks to think we may have invented them. Today, other things are likely causing Redskins fans to lean toward optimistic thought.

As a lifelong resident of Maryland, I am joined by Virginians and Bill-from-Bangkok in my lack of ability to participate in the historic legislation implemented today, but to those about to medicate: I salute you.