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Sunday Slop: NFL Combine DL/LB's

A look at top Redskins stories around around the web.

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Mike Mayock's rundown on potential defensive targets | ESPN Redskins Blog

Safety Landon Collins: Mayock compared him to a player I enjoyed watching when studying Arizona last year: Deone Bucannon. And I loved how the Arizona Cardinals used him, as a speedy linebacker in nickel situations. It provided the Cards with versatility and it's something the Washington Redskins could not do. Bucannon was big enough to take on the run and fast enough to help through the air. "That's what I see with Landon Collins," Mayock said. He's not an option at No. 5, but if they traded down he has to be.

Who will the Redskins pick at number 5? | CSN Washington

DE Dante Fowler, Florida-He was the favorite here going in and he did nothing to knock himself out of that spot. Fowler was very much at ease speaking to the media crowd. McCloughan places a lot of stock in interviews and Fowler should ace that. Of course he has to get it done on the field as well and the Redskins will have to project if he can be a consistent double-digit sack performer in the NFL.

Can the Redskins pull off a draft day trade back deal? | CSN Washington

There has been plenty of unconfirmed talk here at the NFL Combine that the Redskins would indeed listen to offers to drop back and pick up some more selections to get to work on filling the myriad of team needs that currently exist.

Redskins breakout potential: Ryan Kerrigan | CSN Washington

In review: This series is typically aimed at inexperienced players who are on the verge of becoming established NFL players. But we're making an exception today. Kerrigan is already established, obviously. In fact, you could argue that his breakout season arrived in 2014, when he improved his sack total from 29th in the NFL to 7th.

-Breaks down all the Combine data and gives comparisons.

Takeaways from Day 2 of the Combine |

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