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Alabama Safety Landon Collins is a Huge Washington Redskins Fan; Models His Game After Sean Taylor

Alabama safety Landon Collins would love to be a Redskin, and the Redskins need a safety.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We already knew Landon Collins was a Sean Taylor and Washington Redskins fan from an interview he did last month with

"And it would seem obvious to assume the New Orleans native grew up a Saints fan, but Collins was a renegade. He was a Peyton Manning supporter along with a team without geographical ties to his family.

"But my favorite team was the Redskins because I grew up a Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor fan, so it's always been the Redskins," he said."

At today's media availability at the NFL Combine, Collins emphasized how much he models his game after Sean Taylor, and like Seahawk's safety Kam Chancellor, he watches Taylor's games before every game he plays. Collins wears the number 26 in college because that is the same number that Sean Taylor wore at Miami.

The Redskins have a very high need at safety this season with Ryan Clark retiring after a year with the team, and Brandon Meriweather a free agent.  Safety will likely only be addressed in the 1st round if the Redskins are able to trade back from #5, and most people value Collins as a mid-late 1st rounder.  New Redskins GM Scot McCloughan has been a part of the Seattle Seahawks for the last several years, and has had success finding quality secondary players in the mid-late rounds.  The only exception being first round FS Earl Thomas, but Landon Collins is not considered the same level of prospect by most analysts.

NFL combine participants don't often admit to shedding tears about anything, but Landon Collins didn't hesitate when asked how he was impacted by the death of former Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor.

"I cried," the former Alabama star said. "That's a definite."

Considered the top safety available in the 2015 NFL Draft, Collins models his game after the former Miami Hurricanes star who was tragically killed in a shooting in November, 2007. He wore No. 26 at Alabama in Taylor's honor. And as the kind of safety who supports the run like an extra linebacker, Collins' style isn't unlike Taylor's, either.

"I idolized Sean Taylor for his physical play, his passion for the game, you could see it every time he touched the field," Collins said. "... and I like being physical in the box."