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Mike Shanahan Speaks About Donovan McNabb, Robert Griffin III, Dan Snyder and much more

Mike Shanahan gave a very expansive interview on his time in Washington on ESPN980's the Sports Fix today

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Mike Shanahan Interview Part 1

Mike Shanahan Interview Part 2

Mike Shanahan Interview Part 3

Mike Shanahan Interview Part 4

Mike Shanahan Interview Part 5

Mike Shanahan Interview Part 6

Donovan McNabb Trade:

Albert Haynesworth:

Robert Griffin III trade:

Peyton Manning:

Robert Griffin III protecting himself:

Russell Wilson:

RG3 knee injury vs Baltimore:

Dr. Andrews on knee injury after game:

Dr. Andrews saying he never checked RG3's knee before going back into Ravens game:

Tension over Kirk Cousins in Browns game:

No read option vs Philly:

Using Read option vs Dallas is season finale:

RG3 reinjuring his knee vs Seattle:

Shanahan wanted to put Cousins in at half time, Dr. Andrews gave ok for RG3:

Robert Griffin III requested changes in offense after his injury:

Broken trust:

Dr Andrew said RG3's original ACL surgery was destined to fail:

Griffin looked good following injury rehab:

Griffin was ready to start vs Philly Week 1:

Griffin didn't believe in the 2012 offense after rookie year:

Mike Shanahan "As the year went on RG3 didn't believe in what we did in his rookie season, and it really hurt our team" #Redskins

— Hunter Jennings (@HunterLoganX) February 18, 2015

Story that he planned on quitting following Seattle game is false:

Organizational dysfunction:

RG3 needs to study film to be successful:

Kirk Cousins future in the NFL: