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What's Your Workout?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Oh....the offseason - where do I begin?

So many Mock Drafts. So many free agent wish lists. So many salary cap projections. real football!

Well, we do have the combine to look forward to this week, so there's a bonus!

In the offseason, there is plenty to talk about, but not actually a lot to accomplish. I have been on a health kick as of late, and am trying to stay motivated to work out during this most depressing New England winter we are having.

Now I have a couple problems: 1) I don't want to lift heavy weights anymore - just no reason for it. It was great when I was in my teens and twenties and was playing competitive sports, but I'm old now, and have no reason to be big and bulky. 2) I don't want to just run anymore. Frankly, I get bored with just running distances. I'm not a distance runner by nature, and I don't intend on competing in any marathons in the near future. 3) I feel creeks, aches and soreness from all the past injuries I have had. I need a good program that will increase flexibility, endurance and functional strength, without causing the aches and pains of traditional weight training.

So, what do I do?.....I turn to all my HogsHaven brothers and sisters to find out what your workout is. I've considered Crossfit, and I know my guy Philip Reynolds has told me I'd love it. I thought about taking up boxing, but I'm not sure I want to go into work with a busted nose and two black eyes. I've done circuit training before, but it's always better with a partner. I even work out with my team when we do summer conditioning, but that won't start until five months.

I don't really have anyone up here that I work out with(which may be an issue). My time tends to be a bit limited(which may be another). So, given my circumstances, what would be a good workout?

What do you guys and gals do to stay in shape these days?