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Washington Redskins 2015 Over/Under Wins Total

The Redskins should be able to win at least SIX games in 2015..right????? RIGHT???!!!

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It has always been my intention for my words--spoken as well as written--to be used for entertainment purposes only. Never has that been more true than today, as I discuss the latest line on Redskins win totals in 2015. (I suppose there is also the debatable aspect of whether or not my words are ever entertaining.)

Sportsbook Review lists the current over/under for Redskins wins in 2015 at 6 (the line was 7.5 in most places prior to the 2014 campaign). While I don't appreciate their characterization of the 2014 line as "comedic" when viewing it with the benefit of hindsight...oh hell, I suppose 7.5 does seem just a little bit hilarious.

I won't be doing any game-by-game previews for the upcoming season at this point, so Kevin can hold off on the 16-0 parade plans. At this point of the offseason, I am just now coming to accept the incredibly huge job that McLovin' has in front of him. Winning two more games next season than we did in 2014 is no small order.

I will be tracking this line as we move through free agency and the draft. At this point, I will offer you this: it would be hard to envision much happening that could ding us further south of this number (6). Between drafting a blue-chip prospect at the top of the first round and potentially adding one or two key cogs in free agency, there is reason to believe that outlooks will improve. If that is true, you might consider taking advantage of such a low over/under number now! be continued