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Former Jets 1st Round Pick Vernon Gholston Has Workout with Redskins

Former Jets DE/OLB Vernon Golston attempts NFL comeback, works out for the Redskins

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Vernon Gholston(6'3", 260 lbs) is a former 1st round pick(6th overall) who played for the New York Jets from 2008 to 2010.  He is considered a major bust for the team after recording 0 sacks and only 42 tackles in 45 games during his 3 year career.  The Jets released him in March of 2011, and he spent time in the offseason with the Chicago Bears in 2011, and the St. Louis Rams in 2012, but was released before the regular season started each time.  He has been out of the league since then, but tweeted out last week that he intends to make a comeback.

That comeback apparently starts with a workout with the Washington Redskins.  The Redskins have a new defensive coordinator in Joe Barry, and an almost completely new defensive staff with the exception of ILB coach Kirk Olivadotti.  Joe Barry coached LBs for the San Diego Chargers the last 4 years, and will reportedly be sharing LB coaching duties with Olivadotti this season.  Last year the Redskins signed several OLBs from the scrap heap before and after Brian Orakpo went on IR with another pec tear, including Gabe Miller, Everette Brown, Jackson Jeffcoat, and Trevardo Williams.

With Orakpo's impending free agency, and the possibility that he will not return, the Redskins are once again hitting the streets to see what is available.  Gholston has been out of the game for a long time, and was not an effective player in the league so this seems like an extreme long shot, but it makes an interesting story.  Teams work out players all year round, and many times it is simply to get an update on their status in case they are needed that year. Golston has not responded to HogsHaven's request for an interview, but we will keep you posted on any updates.