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Mock Draft Monday: A look at how the draft could play out for the Redskins

A look at a possible trade back scenario for the Redskins draft this year.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In my free agency simulation the other day I focused on landing one major star player a couple cheaper 2nd tier guys and filling out the roster with 1 year stop gaps. With that mindset I approached this draft with the idea that the Redskins needed to trade back and stockpile some picks. Using On the Clock I built the following draft. Since I went with the trade back scenario I used the On the Clock Premium to come up with the simulation.

10 - R1P10

-With not re-signing Brian Orakpo or adding a replacement in free agency, the Redskins have to find a guy who can get good pressure from the right side of their defense. Ray is one of the best edge rushers in this draft and has the added bonus of doing most of his damage versus left tackles. He may struggle some in coverage and against the run early in his career, but he can be paired with Trent Murphy next year to mitigate those concerns.

41 - R2P9

-Poutasi is a guy who is rising in the eyes of a lot of evaluators. He's a versatile lineman who could play both guard or tackle giving the Redskins a lot of options for him going forward. If Jeremy Parnell pans out as a free agent signing, Poutasi could start his career at guard and battle for the vacant job left by the cutting of Chris Chester.

43 - R2P11

-Phillips is a powerful nose tackle who could easily go in the 2nd half of round 1, or could slide into the 2nd round like we've seen in recent years. If the Redskins can land him, he could offer a lot of early down value in defending the run and forcing more 3rd and long plays.

76 - R3P12

-Devin McCourty may handle the free safety role, but strong safety is a question mark. Harris is a guy who could compete day one for the starting role and maybe could be the long term answer there. Regardless he offers good value here in bolstering a weak spot in the defense.

102 - R4P6

-Ogbuehi would have been a top 20 player if not for an ACL injury, so if the Redskins land him here there is plenty of value. The risk is higher given the injury, but this is where the extra picks come in handy. Maybe he never lives up to his potential or the injury causes chronic problems, but the risk is minimized because you are getting him in the 4th round and in a draft where you have some extra picks.

112 - R4P16

-Golson definitely doesn't fit the bill of "adding size" that many feel will be the mantra of Scot McCloughan, but what he does add is playmaking ability and toughness. Golson projects as one of the better slot corners in this draft and has excellent ball skills and coverage ability. If Golson was 3 inches taller he would be a top 15 guy easily. There will be some match-ups that are too tough for him, but overall he can help your team out.

133 - R5P5

-Gunter is a bigger physical corner who pairs well with adding a smaller guy like Golson would could max out as a slot only guy. Gunter is long and physical and he can hopefully develop into a guy who can handle the tougher match-ups versus taller receivers. With Gunter, Golson and Darius Butler in free agency the Redskins cornerbacks should no longer be a major issue on this defense.

137 - R5P9

-Jesse James offers great size at 6'7" 250-270 (we will see what he measures at the Combine), who can block and still be an effective receiving option. While his size could get him to be drafted higher, he's coming off a down year and there will be some questions that allow him to fall. From the Redskins point of view he would be the 4th TE on the roster, but the value is too good to pass up. Lee Smith was only signed for a year, and who knows what the future holds for Jordan Reed. Other teams find a way to keep 4 TE's the Redskins can in this situation as well.

141 - R5P13

-One thing that is severely lacking in the Redskins pass catching unit is size. Austin Hill offers nice size and the potential to develop into a starter. He would be no more than the 4th or 5th receiver as a rookie, but with the futures of Pierre Garcon and Andre Roberts questionable, depth is needed.

166 - R6P6

-Covington suffered a dislocated kneecap that shortened his RS Junior year, and while there is an injury question, he is a good fit as a 5 tech 1 gap rusher, and would have been a top 100 prospect if not for the injury. The value is here and he helps replace some of the depth lost to cuts.

197 - R7P5

-This is a project pick as Gardner spent most of college career throwing passes rather than catching them, but at the East/West Shrine game Gardner showed that he had the potential to make the transition. He's not a guy who is going to contribute as a rookie, but he offers size, speed and athleticism in the future.

What did you think? What picks would you do differently? Follow along with the draft here: