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Washington Redskins Draft Profile: Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, Texas A&M

Hogs Haven draft analyst Justin Byram takes a look at Texas A&M's offensive tackle, Cedric Ogbuehi, and how he could fit in with the Redskins.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Cedric Ogbuehi

School: Texas A&M

Position: OT/G

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 305 lbs

Cedric Ogbuehi didn't have the senior season he had envisioned when he made the decision to return to school for his senior campaign, despite the fact that he was widely considered a first round draft pick at the time.

Ogbuehi opted to return to school, and hoped to follow in the footsteps of Texas A&M tackles Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews, making the transition from right to left tackle and seeing his draft stock rise into the top 10.

Unfortunately for Ogbuehi that didn't work out, as he struggled to make the transition to being the blind side protector, and ultimately was flipped back to right tackle before an ACL tear ended his senior year. Fortunately for the Redskins, Ogbuehi's flip back to right tackle and injury could provide them with fantastic value come draft day.

Ogbuehi can offer the Redskins a lot once he returns to health, the Aggie product has experience at guard and tackle, and offers a good combination of size, speed, and athleticism. Ogbuehi could add some more weight to his frame, and isn't quite the typical size that McCloughan and Callahan typically look for, but with needs across the board (except left tackle) Ogbuehi is certainly on the Redskins radar.

Nobody doubts Ogbuehi's talent, but how far will his switch to the right side and his injury drop his stock? It's impossible to say, there are a wide variety of opinions, and 32 NFL teams will have Ogbuehi graded out 32 different ways.

So how does Ogbuehi fit in with the Redskins? In my opinion he is a late second early third round prospect when you factor in the injury and the fact that his ceiling is likely at guard or right tackle. In other words, if the phone rings on draft day and the Redskins have a chance to move back in the second and gain some additional picks, I find it hard to believe that McCloughan would pass it up.

Under this scenario, Ogbuehi would certainly be on the Redskins radar if he's still on the board; and if the Redskins pass on him then and he is still available in the third, it would present phenomenal value. I think Ogbuehi has the potential to be a very good right tackle for a very long time, and if I'm incorrect on that, he could certainly find a home inside at guard (see how it worked out for Joel Bitonio).


Ogbuehi is an athletic specimen who moves very well for a man who tips the scale at just over 300 pounds. This allows Ogbuehi to move well in space, as well as getting to the next level and picking up linebackers in the run game. However, Ogbuehi isn't what you would consider a finesse player either. Ogbuehi displays the strength and toughness that is necessary to be an NFL lineman. Ogbuehi has a good initial punch, and uses his long arms to control rushers.


As previously stated, Ogbuehi could benefit from adding some weight to his frame without sacrificing his athletic ability. Ogbuehi also needs to add some consistency to his game, especially with his punch. When Ogbeuhi gets an initial punch of the line of scrimmage, defenders have a hard time getting free. However, when he does not get that good initial punch he is much easier to beat. Ogbuehi will also have to prove his strength at the combine, and he reportedly will bench in Indy. Only weighing in at 300 pounds, Ogbuehi needs to prove he has the strength to compete at the next level, how many reps he gets on the bench press will affect his stock quite a bit.

Let's look at some film of Ogbuehi:

Here, Ogbuehi (#70, RT) shows his ability to control his opponents. Ogbuehi gets a good initial punch, anchors well and never gives his opponent (Dee Ford who later became a first round draft selection) a chance. With newly acquired offensive line coach Bill Callahan in town to coach him up, Ogbuehi could help shore up the right side of the line for years to come, whether it be at guard or tackle.

Here, you can see the mean streak Ogbuehi plays with. It initially appears that he will get beat to the inside, however, he uses his long arms to keep a hold of the defender, and promptly tosses him to the ground once he regains complete control.

At the end of the day Ogbuehi offers value at a position of need, don't be surprised if the Redskins take a chance on the injured former Aggie standout. McCloughan has made it clear that this is a rebuilding process and will take some time, and Ogbuehi could provide the skins with a long term solution at a position they haven't had figured out in years.