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Daily Slop: Valentine's Day Links

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: For Kirk Cousins, as I've written a few times, it's at best a fourth-rounder - same as I heard last offseason (I never believed they could get a second-rounder). The problem is Cousins received a good opportunity this year and the turnovers, which were a problem for him in college, remain a sore spot. Is that from inexperience or just who he is? Regardless, it's enough to limit his value. As for Pierre Garcon, I haven't talked to anyone about his value, to be honest. But I doubt it would be all that high. He has a big cap hit in 2015 ($9.7 million) and, though he's a good receiver, this is a good offseason to find one either by spending money or investing a draft pick. No need to give both money and a pick for one.

Washington Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

@john_keim: Griffin's problems are way beyond the line, and people need to quit thinking that will solve all his problems. It won't. I have yet to hear anyone in the organization -- from coaches, executives or players -- say Griffin would be fine if only the protection was better. Nobody wants the kid to succeed more than those in the organization whose livelihoods depend on wins and losses. In other words, they are not rooting against him. They just don't feel he can do the job. There were definitely times protection was an issue, but you'll never have great protection all the time (and there is no rule saying you still can't make good decisions). As for the quarterbacks coach, yes he can help Griffin, but if he doesn't improve, it all goes back to the quarterback. Can't keep blaming: coaches, protection, this, that, the other.

Redskins Positional Glance: Defensive backs | ESPN Redskins Blog

The review: It wasn't good. The Redskins once more tried to patch together solutions at safety rather than find anything long-term. But it's also not as if last year's safety class amounted to much this season for any team (with a few exceptions, notably T.J. Ward in Denver). But the absence of speed deep hurt and losing Hall early in the season really hurt. The Redskins have just done a poor job of picking talent here, while also having some bad luck with injuries. Porter battled injuries during his entire time here; he has a history of that. They tried to make it work with Bacarri Rambo again and, though he looked better in the preseason, that wasn't the case once games started.

Washington awarded Xavier Nixon on waivers | ESPN Redskins Blog

Redskins Rookie Review: Trent Murphy | CSN Washington

Looking ahead: Murphy is hard working and coachable and should enjoy continued improvement in 2015 as he gains more experience, confidence and strength. The question is whether he showed enough as a rookie to return as the starting right outside linebacker. Remember, there's a new general manager and defensive coordinator, and Murphy's position coach was let go. What that means for the 24-year-old is not entirely clear.

Redskins Combine Countdown: NT Jordan Phillips

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