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Washington Redskins Prospect Film Discussion - Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska

The first in a series of film discussions that will look at how players in this year's draft would fit with the Washington Redskins

Eric Francis/Getty Images

I'd love to invite you all over to my house to watch film together, as I could literally spend 8 hours a day watching tape of college prospects I feel could help the Redskins. But alas, we can't all make it to Casa de Tyler, so I thought I would bring the discussion to the board.

This is the first in a series of player film breakdown that I will be doing on prospects you vote for leading up to the draft. Each week I will profile a player that would be a legitimate option for the Redskins first round pick, and we will break down that player's film together. I will be here to answer any questions you have about the prospects play, and will give my opinions on what I see from the film study.

Remember, to make this as interactive and fun as possible, please stay engaged with questions and comments about what you see on tape. For instance, if you are watching film of ABC State from 2014, and at the 3:40 second mark, you see a play you would like clarification on, or would just like to point out, please add this to the comment section so myself and our readers can easily go to that point to view what you are talking about, and give our opinions/comments on that particular play.  Also, if you believe a prospect excels at a certain area(ex. a linemen who shows great foot quickness and set-up)let us know why you feel this way, and point to a part of his film that shows an example of this. A dissenting opinion from another reader may point to a part of his film where he sees that prospect waist bending.....and poof, we have a discussion!

I have decided to start out with Nebraska's OLB Randy Gregory for our first film study. Be sure to keep this as alive and interactive as possible. If you would like my opinion on a certain play or set of plays, please post this in the comments section, and I will try and reply promptly.

And don't forget to vote in the poll for the next prospect we will profile!