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The District Radio Show's Early Plug!

In an unusual show of foresight, the guys in The District are reminding you to listen to the radio show before it's live!

Hogs Haven Nation, take heed! Tomorrow night, from 7-8PM, The District welcomes Redskin insider, Tarik El-Bashir (@TarikCSN) and All-Pro linebacker and former Redskin, Lorenzo Alexander (@onemangang97). Brian Williams has promised he'll be available if we need him. Take that for what it's worth. You'll need to listen here on Hogs Haven or on to see if he shows up.

If you have questions or comments during the show, tweet us @DistrictStrong. As always, it's Mike Harar, Chris LeSage, Robert Henson, and Marc Shea. Unless one of us has won the Powerball. Then it'll be dead air.

If you missed last week's show, check it out here!