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What Did You See On Monday Night Football?

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The Audible offers quick reactions to those things they saw on Monday with 33% less anger!

I am not sure if it was the night wind or the little lamb, but one of them famously asked, "Do you see what I see?"

Before we get to the angry segment, I thought it would be useful to throw out this 3+ minute segment from this week's taping of The Audible. As is our custom, I drop you right into the portion of the conversation where we addressed those things we saw--that is, a very specific, game-related thought from the loss to the Cowboys. You know I am never going to miss an opportunity to be unforgivably optimistic, but Kevin and Tim were also able to stay at least somewhat positive. (That could also be because of the Yacht Rock.)

Of course, maybe that was because there was destined to be a second segment where the anger was allowed to flow a little more...uhhhh...freely. Tim, in particular, came to the taping ready to talk about a certain wide receiver.

I cut us out right before the conversation turned to the Maryland-UConn game. Where do you stand on DeSean? Is there an argument made during this segment that resonates more with you today than it might have last week?

Finally, since we are always just giving you bits and pieces, here is the intro to our show: