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The Audible Salutes McRedskin78, Calls Dallas Game a Must-Win

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Join Kevin, Tim and Ken as they gather in Ken's basement for another episode of The Audible, Hogs Haven's Official Redskins Podcast.

The Audible, aka "The Official Redskins Podcast of Hogs Haven," asked for reader-suggested topics, and boy did we This show is for you McRedskin78.

Join Tim, Kevin and Ken (me) for another raucous visit to Ken's (my) basement in a podcast devoted to what it feels like to be rooting for a real, live, professional team (the Redskins...okay, enough parentheses). In addition to feeling our feelings, we look back on how we got here, and we look forward to the draft and the next major opportunity McLovin will have to impact the roster. Oh yeah, and we join the millions of people out there debating on who, what, when and why to rest players. (SPOILER ALERT: our team has no business getting cute by resting players--the Redskins need to win.)

There is no team in the NFL that needs to keep winning more than the Redskins. We simply can not afford to take even a half a step backwards, or a quarter step sideways. Forward is the only acceptable direction for this team right now, so that means winning on Sunday is a NEED, and one that we must be desperate to secure.

To the point above, here is our end-of-the-night wrap-up segment on the Redskins. Just to put things in perspective, the basement gets a little bit heated and emotional late in the evening (or early in the morning on this particular day). The Redbreast is flowing and Kevin Ricca is singing...that's a show, y'all.

Happy New Year from The Audible. We're looking forward to a big 2016!