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Who the Redskins Will Host in the Playoffs Remains Uncertain

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With Seattle's loss to the Rams yesterday, there are still three possibilities.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

There's one week left in the 2015 NFL regular season and it'll be an important one for the Washington Redskins... though not so much because of their game.  Coming into yesterday, the odds were such that the Redskins were very likely to host the Seahawks the weekend of January 9-10, but thanks to the Rams beating them yesterday, things are very much up in the air.

Thanks to winning the NFCE, the Redskins are locked in to the #4 seed in the playoffs.  That means they'll host the #5 seed.  With one week to go, that could still be one of three teams: the Seahawks, Packers, or Vikings.  Here's the situation:

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle's going out to Arizona next week to face the Cardinals.  If they pull off the victory and the Packers manage to beat the Vikings in Green Bay, then the Seahawks will end the season as the #5 seed.

The Seahawks were on a roll coming into this past weekend and people all around the NFL were talking about how no one would want to face them in the playoffs... then they lost to the Rams.  The Seahawks are the team that's knocked the Redskins out of the postseason the last three times we were there.  Here's where it gets interesting, since the Panthers lost to the Falcons yesterday, the Cardinals can still take the #1 seed and have a reason to go all out against the Seahawks.  If the Cardinals win and the Panthers lose again, the Cardinals would get the #1 seed.  The Panthers play the Bucs.

Green Bay Packers

This one is much simpler.  If the Packers lose to the Vikings this week in Green Bay, then the Packers will be the #5 seed.  It's that simple.  The Packers beat the Vikings earlier in the season in Minnesota 30-13.  Also, the Packers just got demolished by the Cardinals yesterday 38-8.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings will end up as the #5 seed if they lose to the Packers and the Seahawks lose to the Cardinals.  While the Packers are at home this week, Seattle and Minnesota are both road underdogs.  The Vikings have done well on the road this year (4-3) and two of their three road losses were in AZ and Denver.  The Vikings are also very hot right now and their defense is stingy.  This would be one of the more interesting match-up possibilities for the Redskins because of the HCs.  The Vikings HC Mike Zimmer and the Redskins HC Jay Gruden were the DC and OC (respectively) for the Bengals a couple years back and know each other very well.