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Redskins Win the Division! Captain Kirk T-Shirts Are Now Available!

Playoffs...the final frontier for Captain Kirk.

The Redskins led by "Captain" Kirk Cousins have done what most people thought they couldn't do this season and won the NFC East. Since being the named the starter in the preseason, Cousins has worked to cement his status as the starter for the Washington Redskins now and in the future.  With a shaky running game, and an inconsistent defense and special teams, Captain Kirk has improved and led the team to some improbable victories.

Teamed up with new Redskins GM "Beam me up Scotty" McCloughan, Cousins has made believers out of many in the fan base and around the NFL.  "You Like That!" has become a rallying cry for Redskins players and fans as the team continues to win on their way to their 2nd division crown in the last 4 years. Captain Kirk is breaking NFL and Redskins records on the way to the postseason.

Our friends at BreakingT have commemorated the rise of "Captain Kirk" with their newest T-Shirt which is available right now.

T-Shirts available here!