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Merry Christmas, Hogs Haven -- What Are the Redskins Hoping to Get This Year?

What are the Redskins hoping to unwrap under the tree this year--besides an NFC East championship?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

If you even take a second out of your day to stop by the site ahead of the big game, I wanted to make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate all of you.

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to all!

In addition to posting any holiday wishes to each other below, feel free to start the Redskins Christmas Wish List. What is it that the Redskins should be hoping to get under the ol' tree? In the interests of speaking for everyone, I will start off with a win over Philly and the NFC East crown! That way we can move on to the more original and thoughtful ideas from the peanut gallery.

Have a safe and happy day, and to anyone making the trip to Philadelphia, please be careful.