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Kirk Cousins derserves a new contract: Three possibilities by the numbers

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Check out three possibilities for a Kirk Cousins contract extension.

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Kirk Cousins is no Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. He has, however, been clutch for the Washington Redskins over the last few weeks of the season and his play has guided the team to a 7-7 record and a chance for a division title with a win against the Philadelphia Eagles this Saturday under the lights in prime time.

Cousins is leading the NFL in completion percentage with a 69.7 and he is also eighth in the QBR stat (quarterback rating) with a 97.2 rating all according to ESPN. When has a quarterback for the Washington Redskins ever done things like this. If he keeps this up for the rest of the season, he could be the first Redskins quarterback to lead the NFL in completion percentage since Sonny Jurgensen in 1970.

Now to get to why Cousins deserves a new deal if h wins the NFC East. We all know the NFC East is terrible but the Redskins have been on an upswing ever since they beat the Chicago Bears. If his potential to become the man under center for the Redskins long term is in doubt by some, his confidence is one thing to be impressed by according to the Washington Post's Scott Allen.

"I never doubted myself, I never doubted if the coaches believed in me," Cousins said. "I think it was just more putting it all together and showing it on the field consistently, but I remember before the Tampa game, after the Jets game, Jay and I sat down and he went through Tom Brady and his game against the Colts that previous weekend. Jay’s point was that what Tom was doing to be as good as he was, it wasn’t anything spectacular, or anything that I couldn’t do, but at the same time it was incredibly polished, incredibly disciplined and having great command. It was just a message to me that you can do this, but it takes time," he said.

Here is the breakdown of what other NFL quarterbacks are getting according to

So here are three possibilities for a Kirk Cousins contract:

#1. Five Years/$25 Million, $10 Million guaranteed

This is a low risk-high reward contract. With this one, he'll get $5 million guaranteed per year and gets nearly half of the total contract guaranteed. It would be a win-win for both Cousins and the Washington Redskins. Also allow for Cousins to opt-in or out for his fifth year with a player option.

#2. Four Years/$48 Million,  $24 Million guaranteed

This contract is specifically based on the possibility that the Redskins are very confident and feeling generous. This has happened with players in the past. Albert Haynesworth is one example and look how that turned out. This is nowhere near $100 million, however, giving Cousins half of his new deal in this amount of guaranteed money would be a big vote of confidence.

#3. Three Years/$30 Million, $15 Million guaranteed

This last and final contract possibility low risk in the short term and in terms of free agency, this contract wouldn't put a hole in the Redskins' wallet so to speak when trying to make off season moves.