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Trent Williams Named to Pro Bowl Roster

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Trent Williams named to his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl, while teammates Ryan Kerrigan and Jordan Reed are named as alternates.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth consecutive season, Redskins left tackle has been named to the NFL Pro Bowl. Jordan Reed and Ryan Kerrigan were named as alternates.

Williams joins Chris Samuels and Joe Jacoby as the only tackles in Redskins history to be named to four straight Pro Bowls. (Dear Canton, seriously...Joe Jacoby...seriously??)

The inclusion of Trent in this fourth straight season in the Pro Bowl underscores the respect players around the league have for #71 and the talent his peers recognize when they suit up against him.

As for Reed and Kerrigan, maybe it's just me, but I feel like the vast majority of alternates end up playing in this game. One you weed out the players participating in the Super Bowl, and guys who are too banged up to participate in the exhibition, the NFL has to sometimes hunt for second and third alternates.

My immediate thoughts on Trent becoming the player he is today, at 27 years old and an established captain of this team, are: nice draft pick. Ha! I remember that Vinny Cerrato was covering that draft for ESPN Radio, and he called Trent an "underachiever." In all fairness, Trent has had his share of issues, but in the prime of his career, it would at least appear he is achieving at a, well, Pro Bowl level!

Too bad he won't be available to play in this game as he will be getting ready for the Super Bowl!!