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Did You Hear That the Redskins Are in First Place?

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Who cares what people say about the NFC East? The winner gets to host a playoff game. Good luck to the team who has to play Kirk Cousins at home.

God, it feels good to be in first place. I felt strongly about making the soundtrack to this Redskins segment of The Audible none other than #YachtRock. That, and the ice cubes clinking around in our whiskey glasses.

As is our custom, we drop you right in the middle of our show when the topic of the Redskins came up. If you want to hear us talk about other DC sports topics, or even if you care what we think about cats and different flavors of cheese, check us out on the 1st Amendment Sports Soundcloud station.

Beware...before you think anyone around here loves Tony Romo, remember why he is so lovable: he has not had a great career against the Redskins, and he has choked in big games. What's not to love?

If you find yourself wondering about the team behind The Audible--outside of one Ken Meringolo--listen to this short intro:

Finally, if you want to hear a few of the reasons why I think this show has cred beyond just being a trio of swell guys, here is the first of our "credibilty" segments. I caution you now: people define credibility a LOT of ways! (This was one of our earliest recordings, and I botched the microphone levels. D'oh!!)

As always, thank you from your friends at 1st Amendment Sports. TCO and scarlet...what do you got?