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The Audible Is NOT Just Happy To Be Here

Ken, Tim and Kevin cover all matters related to the Redskins for the Hogs Haven community. This is The Audible.

I didn't plan to be so fiery on last night's session of The Audible, but what I found out was that I actually care about this godforsaken team and think they are better than their record seems to indicate. Here is the audio from that portion of our show (The Audible is Ken Meringolo, Tim Strachan and Kevin Ricca):

I feel like I was able to voice what many of us have been saying here in the comments sections. We have seen this team look better and better, and at the end of the day, the Redskins have to be considered among the most improved teams year over year.

I am not sorry that the Giants and Eagles are under-performing everyone's expectations, or that Tony Romo is made of glass at this point in his career. The Redskins, more than most teams that are a game under .500, have earned their way to the precipice of the playoffs. Let's seriously address those issues that need to be fixed if we are to entertain actual hopes of winning a playoff game. We didn't want to go out on a negative note, so we came back at the end of the night and did a Redskins OT talk...the whiskey was flowing and Andrew Deerin was in the house.

Merry Christmas! We're back the week between Christmas and New Year's.