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Throwback Thursday: Redskins on the Road

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It's been a long time since the Washington Redskins won on the road. Could this be their weekend against the Chicago Bears?

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Fight for Old DC: Week 8 of the 2014 Season

Yes, it has been that long since the Redskins pulled out a victory in a road win.  409 days, to be exact.  Their last win for an away game was against the Dallas Cowboys (ah, the painful irony after their last loss being Monday night against that same team) on October 27, 2014.  Colt McCoy was the Redskins' starter, and he led the Redskins on a winning drive in overtime, setting up a Kai Forbath field goal to end the game.  It was a rare bright spot in a 4-12 season, and Washington's only win on the road last season.

Current State of Affairs: Week 14 of the 2015 Season

The Redskins travel to Chicago this week to take on the 5-7 Bears.  While the Redskins are (barely) at the top of their division, the Bears are solidly in third place in the NFC North behind Green Bay and Minnesota.  Washington has a few counts against them: one, they're coming off a short week after Monday night's game against Dallas, and two, that short week includes travel to Illinois.  Can this team, which is marked by its inconsistencies, bounce back from a rough division loss?  We'll see.

DeAngelo Hall, as everyone knows, has had some major success against Jay Cutler, and the Bears' offense is ranked #19 in the league, so the Redskins, who are ranked #25 on defense, have a chance to limit Chicago's success and stop them from too many major plays.  The defense has certainly been the strongest unit on the team lately, and I expect them to continue to be leaned upon as the team looks to pull out a win this weekend and beyond.

One last thing working in the Redskins' favor?  Chicago isn't exactly dominating at home; they only have one home win this season.

And the winner is...

the current state of affairs.  The team already has more wins this season than they did last season, and players seem motivated by the chance to really hang on to that first place position in the NFC East and control their own destiny.  Is this a team that I expect to fly West and dominate?  No.  But is this a team that I think, in true up and down fashion, will go back up after being down last week, getting their first road win in over a year and giving fans hope that maybe, just maybe, they can keep December meaningful?  Yes.

[Edit: The previous edition of this article incorrectly listed the team's 2014 record as 3-13.]