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Week Nine matchup: Tom Brady vs the Washington Redskins secondary

Will the Washington Redskins secondary be able to help break the New England Patriots' undefeated streak as of late? This Sunday will be their opportunity.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady gave the Washington Redskins defense serious problems in their last two meetings. His stats back it up: 51-for-75 (68 percent), 663 yards (8.9 yards per attempt), six touchdowns and an interception. Both teams have changed a great deal over the years and the Redskins have a real opportunity to shock the NFL world and defeat the Patriots in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Getting the win will start with the Redskins getting pressure on, and sacking Tom Brady, but in the meantime, the secondary will have to do it's job.  However, that may be a tough thing for the Redskins to do, seeing as several cornerbacks are questionable for the game. That could prove to be a plus in favor of Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The Redskins' secondary is beat up but with the bye last week, they were able to improve health wise. There's no reason to believe that Redskins defensive coordinator Joe Barry won't be methodical with his schemes to confuse Tom Brady. Coverage sacks will be imperative to the success of the defense more than getting to Brady and knocking him off of his line as they say.

Some may debate that but if the cornerbacks that the Redskins have can lock down the wide receivers he has available, his timing will be thrown off. Let's face it, Brady isn't the most athletic quarterback in the league. The Redskins won't have to worry about him eating them up running the ball.

Another thing to note about the Tom Brady-led Patriots in 2015, they lead the league in points for with 35.3 and are second in passing yards with 329.3. That says that the New England Patriots have won seven straight games passing the ball and have been lighting up defenses left and right. The Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Indianapolis Colts did give them tough outs, however.

The Patriots can be beaten, the games they've played this season haven't been games where anyone could look at them and say they throttled anybody. It won't be easy but the all the Redskins have to do is play smart football.