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Week 9 NFL power rankings round-up: where do the Redskins rank?

A look at where the Redskins rank among the various power rankings.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins were on bye so they couldn't help or hurt their case for the power rankings, but let's check in to see where they rank: 21st 18th

Washington Post: 17th 24th 21st 19th

Pro Football Talk: 19th

Without another game to judge them by there wasn't much movement for the Redskins this week as expected. It also probably didn't hurt that the Buccaneers who some last week mocked as being a "big win" for the Redskins just upset the Atlanta Falcons, making that comeback a bit more impressive. The Redskins of course benefit from a down NFL in general, and of course a very week NFC East.

Both the Giants and the Cowboys lost on Sunday (with the Eagles being on bye as well) so no advantage was gained on the Redskins. That was big news for the Redskins and helped keep their playoff hopes alive. The Giants already have the advantage on the Redskins with a win in their head-to-head match-up. At best the Redskins can split with them now. The Cowboys loss keeps them behind the Redskins which is a good thing since when Tony Romo comes back they figure to be much more formidable. The key for the Redskins will of course be sweeping that series (unfortunately Romo will be back), but keeping them behind Redskins definitely helps.

The concern for the Redskins is that going forward they may quickly lose their goodwill. This week's game against the Patriots is pretty much already being chalked up as a loss, and it's hard to see a way that the Redskins can upset New England. Hopefully the Patriots are thinking the same way and they overlook the Redskins, but on paper it sure looks like it could get ugly. After that the Redskins have a resurgent Saints team at home and an undefeated Panthers team on the road. The Saints are definitely beatable, but that is far from a lock with the way their offense is clicking right now. The Redskins have to win one of these three games to remain relevant in the playoff picture.