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The Rundown S1:E39 -- How Will the Redskins Fare Against New England

What kind of chances do the Redskins have this week against New England? That, plus a discussion with MASN's Chris Johnson on what the Nationals were thinking when they bounced between Bud Black and Dusty Baker.

This week on The Rundown, MASN's Chris Johnson gives insight into why the stingy Nats chose Dusty Baker over Bud Black. We look back on our Word Series picks and we discuss why the Caps and Wiz are off to good starts. Do the Skins have a chance this week at at New England? And most importantly, is Tiger's former caddie right to pop off about his former employer? Should Duke be given a win over Miami? Is the Buckeyes JT Barrett really an idiot? Finally, did former MLB star Lenny Dykstra dig up dirt on umpires? All that on this week's show.

Happy listening!