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Sunday Slop: Game day Redskins vs Panthers

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Numbers to know for today game | CSN Washington

Cam Newton has 6 rushing touchdowns this season, more than 12 NFL teams. This includes the Redskins offense with 5 total rushing touchdowns (3 from Matt Jones, 2 from Kirk Cousins).

Redskins hope to turn screen pass into offensive staple | CSN Washington

"They're important, especially if you're playing some of these pass rush teams that like to get up the field and rush," he said. "It slows them down a little bit. We have some linemen that are very athletic and can get out in space. Last week was really our first time we had a lot of success with those screen passes and I expect us to have more as the season goes on."

Cousins thinks he's matured this season | CSN Washington

"I think it's a much different routine and a much different rhythm than when those starts are coming at sporadic times [and] are unpredictable," Cousins said. "You're able to build a rapport with your teammates and with the offense, with the coaching staff, with the system, and it lends itself well to developing much more quickly than when those starts are sporadic over a longer period of time.

Need to know: Final thoughts Redskins vs Panthers | CSN Washington

You've heard about Cam and TE Greg Olsen all week. The other two offensive weapons to watch are RB Jonathan Stewart and WR Ted Ginn. Stewart is on pace to gain about 1,200 yards rushing and he will chew up yards and clock if the Redskins haven't fixed their problems with rushing defense. Ginn is having a career renaissance at the age of 30. He's the Panthers' second-leading receiver with 25 catches and he's averaging over 16 yards per reception. It's possible that the Redskins hold down production from Olsen and Newton but get beaten by Ginn and Stewart.

Redskins-Panthers: Game day notes and facts | CSN Washington

The Redskins seek their first win over an undefeated opponent this late in the season since Week 11 of the 1975 campaign when they edged the 10-0 Minnesota Vikings 31-30 at RFK Stadium. Defensive end Ron McDole blocked a field goal on the final play of regulation to preserve that win.