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The Audible: Last Two Weeks Telling; Next Two Weeks Critical for Redskins

Kevin Ricca, Tim Strachan and Ken Meringolo talk about the recent exploits of the Washington Redskins, and look forward to what is possible in coming weeks.

I hate to spoil my own lines, but in the below segment from this week's session of The Audible, I suggest that 0-2 and 2-0 may very well be the only two outcome possibilities for the Redskins over the next two weeks. Obviously, there are other mathematical options to consider, but I see this thing as extremely connected. If we lose this week, the Giants game could be a disaster. If we win this week, the Giants don't stand a chance.

Clearly, I am picking the Redskins to win this week, which means I see us going 2-0 over the next two weeks. Here is a brief, five-minute segment from last night's taping of The Audible that is pretty much all Redskins.

I apologize in advance for being the world's worst audio producer. All sound problems are 100% attributable to yours truly, but I won't Spurrier this thing. We'll get it fixed.

I'll also be including some other segments soon from our sessions that give you a little more about us. After all, if you are going to invest a few minutes here and there listening to what we have to say, you might as well know a little more about who we are and why you might...just might...consider giving us a listen on a more regular basis.