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Intreview: Brian Mitchell Pouring Fresh Kool-Aid on Cousins and McCloughan

Hogs Haven interviewed Brian Mitchell on the red carpet of Fight Night, and he had some strong words of confidence on having patience for Cousins and the future of the Redskins.

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For those that know me, a fair chunk of my Redskins blogging and tweeting has had a dash teaspoon of pessimism. Writing parodies help deflect a lot of my distaste for the dysfunction, but having to start over from scratch every three years with the marketing campaigns like "The Future is Now" just hurts. It's like that Atlantic City blackjack dealer that takes your three stacks in three straight hands and smiles patting the table for more money.

Last Thursday, I had the fortune of attending Fight Night's Fight for Children, an annual, black-tie gala started by Joe Robert, which raised $5.1 million that night alone to ensure children in low-income neighborhoods throughout D.C. have access to quality education and health care.

Several Redskins were in attendance that I got to interview. The most notable was my five minute talk with Redskins great, Brian Mitchell. I thought for sure I could get him to agree with my positions on how the team seems to keep going round and round and why would this regime be any different? His responses were very poignant and broke down a lot of the barriers I had.

KE: You saw a lot of bad QBs in your playing in you just know when you see first them if they got it or not?

BMitch: To a degree. We all knew in camp Frerotte was a better QB than Shuler, but Shuler was the first round pick, so  he starts.

KE: So talking Kirk Cousins, isn't it fair to say that a QB that's been this inconsistent for four years doesn't  have it and we're all fooling ourselves?

BMitch: I don't think that's fair and I mean that. What's he started in, like 14 games? He needs more time. If this was his fourth year starting, then yes, we could say this wouldn't work out.

Looking at the stats, Cousins has indeed started only a microscopic 16 games with 22 games total action. In comparison to last year, Cousins' INT % has gone down and his completion % has gone up by a few points.  I then couldn't help but think about Brad Johnson, who we can all  probably agree was a very solid QB. His first four seasons, he only played in 9 games - none of which were starts.

I then transitioned the conversation to the front office.

KE: I think one of the source of our problems is owners befriending players and the internal rifts that causes. Why would that ever change?

BMitch: "Scot is a hard ass. He'll never allow that."

That was sweet music to my ears. McCloughan's reputation certainly precedes him, but to hear first hand from BMitch how hard McLovin works, wants to win, and thrives on no non-sense, was not just a sip of Kool-Aid, it was a Gatorade cooler dousing of it. I think we can all agree the team has talent and is going in the right direction.

This quote stands out more than ever to me at this point of the Redskins franchise

"Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." ~ Joyce Meyer

With Scot building a winner and the Redskins no longer pushing marketing campaigns like "All In"...I can sit back and enjoy the (less bumpy) ride. The funny thing about it all, the future probably is right now.