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The Audible Debuts on Hogs Haven

What happens when three Redskins fans gather in a basement recording studio with an endless supply of whiskey? A podcast happens, that's what. Introducing: The Audible.

Dear Mitch (and everyone else on Hogs Haven),

If you're reading this, you already know...I started a new podcast. We talk about pretty much whatever we want to talk about, though at its heart, The Audible is a football show. Kevin Ricca and Tim Strachan, in addition to being lifelong Redskins fans, have been involved in DC area sports their whole lives. (You all know me, so if you click on any of the below links, you can't say you didn't know what was coming.) These men possess the most important quality I was looking for when this trio was formed: the innate ability to sound smarter as more and more alcohol was introduced to the show.

Frank the Tank Ken

After a month of figuring out the boards, chemistry and technology, we are pleased to bring you a few clips today. We won't be doing long shows here on Hogs Haven. Instead, I will insert a clip about us talking Redskins, or any other piece of our show that I think most of you will find somewhat entertaining. As your attention spans are similar to mine, I will do my best to post up pieces that are less than 10 minutes long. Full shows (and other clips) will be available on the 1st Amendment Sports Soundcloud station.

We produced an intro segment that will precede most of our shows, though it will rarely appear in this full-length (two minute) form, so get it while it's hot!

Here is the Redskins segment from Tuesday evening. You will note that we are just kind of getting into the show, and therefore just getting into the whiskey. I think the lesson here is: end with the Redskins. Even so, you get the idea that we still don't know exactly what to think about this team.

For all of you that have made it this far down the page, I do have a treat for you. Our very good friend Harrison Weinhold is a whiz when it comes to producing this stuff, so he takes our raw recordings and crafts a bit of an outtakes segment. Some of that stuff is unfit to be played for anyone, but in this case, you get an idea of what a few guys drinking whiskey in my basement can do with some microphones on a Tuesday night.

That's a lot...hopefully some of it hits you the right way. We'll keep working to get better, and we appreciate all your kind words in the comments section. Ha!