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Redskins Practice 10/27: Jay Gruden Presser

Jay Gruden gives injury updates, talks about changes after the bye, and more after today's practice.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Injury updates:

Fixing the run game:

Pass rush:

Bye week:

Matt Jones:

"Same thing. He’s just got to continue to work on the pad level. Sometimes his patience, sometimes he cuts things back a little bit too quick wants to get north a little bit quicker than the play allows. But I like the way he runs. He runs hard. He runs physical. He can run through arm tackles. Just a matter of keeping him healthy, always working on ball security and getting him more looks."

Rookie draft class:

"Well, [Jamison] Crowder obviously has emerged as a top slot receiver for us. He can even play outside. Preston Smith has done some good things in his action. He’s played about 35 percent of the snaps and done some good things. He’s got to continue to work."

Kyshoen Jarrett:

"Obviously, Kyshoen [Jarrett] has been outstanding, you know, in a role that we didn’t expect him to be in. He’s produced — made some big plays. He gave up a couple plays in that game. He gave up that wheel route on the sideline for a touchdown and a big third-down conversion but for the most part he’s playing a position that’s brand new to him and done well. It says a lot about him, not only as an athlete, but as a smart football player. To be able to come in and learn both safety spots as a rookie isn’t easy. Then, to get thrown in there at nickel, at a spot he’s never played, I think just talks about what type of football player he is. When you’re drafting players, you want to draft good football players, number one, and all those guys have shown that they’re all good football players and love it. They’re asked to produce right now and they have."

New players:

"They have. It’s not easy to come in here – you miss all of training camp and all of OTAs, all the mental gymnastics we go through to get guys ready to play. They come in late, they have to pick up the system in a hurry. Both of them have done that. You can’t say enough about our kicker, [Dustin] Hopkins. I mean what he’s done is taken over for an established kicker here. We’ve had some guys come in off the streets that have produced. We’ve needed them to. It’s going to help our depth later on down the road when we do get our players back. So it’s going to be exciting when our players get healthy and these guys will provide us with great depth. They’ve shown they can play."